Thursday, May 30, 2013

Landscape Paintings

AAhhh... How I LOVE to paint! These were the 'BEST' 15 weeks! I had never really painted with oils before... But just experimenting with different brush strokes, color palettes... was Amazing!

The 1st one is a Master copy of George Inness. I learnt so much from his paintings. The abstract nature of his backgrounds to his beautiful selection of colors! Once I did this painting I never painted the sky Blue!

The one below was the 1st Painting I did from a picture our teacher gave us. I remember so nervous. I just stood staring at my canvas and my paints for hours. And then once I started... I couldn't stop! :)

This one was on location at Sonoma Valley. Was a Beautiful day!

One of initial on location paintings. What a day! It was so foggy, so windy and soooo cold that we returned midway.This was at Tenesse Valley. I am really happy with the way this turned out :)

Tree study 

15 Crazy weeks of Advanced Perspective

These are a few of my Illustrations from Advanced Perspective class. I explored various styles in this class. Having to do 3-4 Illustrations per week made me explore a lot of styles. I had never really tried the graphic style before. Here are a few of my "Style Experiments"


Hello all,
I am finally starting to blog! Have been wanting to start for a very long time now.
I am going to start with my thesis. My thesis is a Viz Dev for my story which is going to be a 3d animated film. I initially thought my story is pretty sorted out. But, as I started to thumbnail I realized a lot of things were missing, I had to fix a lot of stuff, edit , cut, rethink... But, finally I have a solid story that makes sense and is not too long. So here are some thumbnails...

Then I moved on to exploring a little bit of the lighting in my film. I figured Lighting is going to be a really important part of my film. I worked from the reference I found online. I still have to get my own references. Which means a photo shoot :D (Which I am really excited about!)

I know one thing for sure... I am going to have a hard time working with a limited color palette. 
Thanks for viewing my work.
Please leave your comments. I would love to hear what you all think :)