Monday, July 22, 2013


After I had my story sketched out, I needed to design everything that would be a part of my story. I started with my characters... And I thought I would 1st get done with those; But, I have been jumping from designing characters to props to environments and also finding and shooting my own references. 

Here are my house studies. I have tried to kind of distinguish the 3 places in my story giving them their own unique feature. So all the houses in the Kingdom would be very blocky and sort of messy. Trying to give the feeling of little space and people living on top of each other. 

Sketching out the houses was quite a challenge. Mainly because I wanted to maintain the 'blocky'ness in each one of them. I am kind of happy with the way these turned out!

I also started to sketch out my main character - Bani. Bani is so close to my heart... I have been trying to get the right look for her for a very long time! And everytime I designed something and looked at it a couple of days later, I would find some flaw. This is my VERY initial look for Bani... 

I kind of like how she looks here, but, I wanted to explore more. As, I started to sketch out my story and got to know my story a lot better, I realized since she was based in India, this wouldn't be something she wears All the time. I like the idea of her wearing these Big pants and kind of trying to look like a boy so she wouldn't be caught while sneaking out. I am going to incorporate that in my new designs too. But this is how she is going to look when she is not sneaking around!

These designs are pretty similar, with a few minor differences. I think I am going to further combine the 2 designs for my final BANI.

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