Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mini Paintings

I painted these mini painting based on my Bird Designs I did earlier. I wanted to have something special I could debut at the #SF ETSY pop up show. For those of you who are curious, it well extremely well. You can read about it HERE

This was my 1st craft show and a big learning experience. I am working on writing about that. The post will be out soon.

Now on to my mini paintings. These were super fun to do! It was wonderful to get back to painting traditionally after so much of digital work I have been doing lately.

These are painted on Gallery wrapped canvas. I did some color studies for these painting prior to the final painting.

I added these hinges I got from Home Depot. Easy peasy.

These are painted on mini wood panels. I got them from Michael's Art and Craft Store. I sanded them 1st. They had some rough edges. Then I coated them with Acrylic Gesso and sanded them again. I repeated the process a couple of times to make sure the surface for ready for painting.

I added these little hooks I got from Home Depot. They are super easy to use and are perfect for these light weight wooden panels.

They are small, cute and perfect for decorating any small space! And the best part? Because of the decorated borders, no need for framing! :D

These are available for purchase on my ETSY store!

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