Thursday, June 11, 2015

Inspirational Quote for my Home Office

I keep re arranging and updating my Home office all the time. This time I thought I needed an inspirational quote. I always have the poem 'You are the result of yourself' by Pablo Neruda pinned up, but I felt like I needed something more!

So I looked up on Pintrest for some inspirational quotes and This one caught my attention. I like how to the point it is :D After all doesn't it all come down to this?

I wish I had taken some In process pictures. But, I was so excited I completely forgot!

I used a piece of wood I had lying around. I measured the size of my panel and planned out the lettering in Photoshop. I followed THIS tutorial to transfer the ink onto the wood panel. Easy peasy!
I filled in the letters with a marker. I stapled the twine to the back of the panel. Used a push pin to hang it and TA DAAA!!!

Do you have any inspirational quotes in your Home Office?

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